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Mass Effect

In the year 2148, explorers on Mars discovered the remains of an ancient spacefaring civilization. In the decades that followed, these mysterious artifacts revealed startling new technologies, enabling travel to the furthest stars. The basis for this incredible technology was a force that controlled the very fabric of space and time.
They called it the greatest discovery in human history.

The civilizations of the galaxy call it... MASS EFFECT.

Part 1 - Commander Kara Shepard.

Her whole youth...she never meant anything. She fought for her survival on the streets. No parents to watch out for her...Love her. She was a warrior. When she turned eighteen, she left her gang life, joining the Alliance. Becoming a War Hero, after the Attack on Elysium. Where she single handedly defeated a Batarian force...losing many lives in the process. She was now a Commander.
Commander Kara Shepard.
She was a bold woman, with a strong will...and an even smarter mouth. She was street smart and book smart. She had to be. She was young to be a Commander, but she worked her way there.
Nothing ever comes easy.
She never spoke of her past to anyone other then her Captain. She was calm and collected when she had to be. She was kind and never turned away people in need, though she had no problem putting people in their place had the need arose. Twenty-six years to shape her into the woman she was. She had a fire in her eyes, a passion for what she did. People looked up to her, respected her.
She was a beautiful woman, with long, layered, and gently wavy, chocolate brown hair that fell to the  middle of the arch of her back, with side swept bangs that went over her right eye. She had ocean blue eyes, that could calm the most scared soul. Or put the fear of God into them. She was pale in complexion, and was almost flawless, other then the small scar across the left side of her pale rose lips. She wasn't tall. But she was average height, and very fit. She was busty, yet athletic...great in hand to hand combat. She wasn't gifted with biotic's, only the skills she trained to have, Her N7 skills, plus the skills of her previous life in and out of gangs.
She was a grunt. A soldier. An Alliance soldier.
She was strong, and could handle herself in any position. It was Captain Anderson's reason for choosing her. Her good heart, and loyalty also helped.
Her Commanding Officer Captain David Anderson of the SSV Normandy, was the only man to know her past. He took her under his wing.
Kara Shepard was made the Executive Officer of the Normandy...and she served proudly.
The year was 2183.
Shepard walked through the bridge of the ship, heading for the cockpit.
The crew gave her smiles, as she passed them by. She nodded gently to each of them she could. Walking up the short steps, she moved past a young man and continued on seeing the Helmsman in her sights. A friend of hers.
As she entered into the small control room, her eyes were instantly caught by stars rushing past them.
"Entering  Mass Effect drive, hang on to your britches." came the quirky voice of the Flight Lieutenant Jeff "Joker" Moreau.
There was a rumble as Kara gently stumbled to her left, bumping into a large Turian.
Nihlus Kryik.
Turian's were an alien species known for their militaristic and disciplined culture, the turian's were the third race to join the Citadel Council.
Turian's typically stood over six feet tall, had two long, proportionately thick fingers and an opposable thumb on each hand, each tipped with talons, and a set of mandibles around their mouths, They are a strong race, best known for their military.
This Turian in particular is one of the Citadel Council's most decorated Spectre agents. He wore a black and red armor, and his face markings were white. Spreading from his mandibles to the back of his fringe.
Nihlus grabbed Kara by her shoulders holding her up. The Normandy quickly exited the warp drive, causing her to gain her stance, she nodded thanking the Turian.
"And we are clear." Joker said with a grin showing he was pleased with his work.
"Good work, Your Captain will be pleased." Nihlus replied turning his back to them and exiting the helm.
"I hate that guy." Joker said with a irritated sigh.
"He just complemented you...and you hate him?" said Kaidan Alenko, a human Sentinel and a Systems Alliance Marine. Once Staff Lieutenant Alenko.
"Zipping up your jumpsuit after leaving the bathroom is good. I just jumped us half way across the Galaxy, to a point the size of a pinhole! That is amazing!" Joker exclaimed, looking to his right, glaring at Kaidan.
Kaidan glanced behind them to see Shepard standing quietly.
"Oh! Commander!" Kaidan said shooting a look to Joker, who just raised his arm up gently, showing his acknowledgment to her.
"Something just seems so off...Why would they send a Spectre on a shake down run?" Joker asked.
"What are you talking about? Were in Council space...the Council has a right to send in one of their own." Kaidan retaliated.
"No, Joker's right...something's not right here." Kara spoke leaning herself on Joker's chair
"Joker! Status report!" came Captain Anderson's voice over a speaker.
"We're on route to Eden Prime." Joker responded pressing a few buttons on the orange holo-screen in front of him.
"Good." Anderson replied.
"Oh! And heads up, Nihlus is on his way." Joker warned.
"He's already here...Send the Commander to the comm room. Anderson out." the feed cut, and he sounded mad.
"He sounds mad...Something must have gone wrong with the mission." Kara said pushing herself up.
"Nah, he always sounds like that when he's talking to me." Joker said.
"Gee, I wonder why..." Kaidan said raising his brow at the beard chinned Pilot.
Kara let out a chuckle as she rubbed her armored hands together, walking out of the cockpit.
Kaidan watched the Commander leave, letting out an unknowing sigh.
"Dude, really?" Joker questioned.
Kara walked passed the CIC, heading for the Comm room, She was stopped by Dr Chakwas and Corporal Richard L. Jenkins.
"Woah, Commander!" Jenkins said in surprise.
"Hello." Kara nodded to the young marine.
"When are we getting down there? I'm itching for some real action!" Jenkins said with excitement.
"You must be joking?" Dr. Chakwas' said with disapproval.
Dr. Chakwas' had been assigned to the Normandy per Anderson's request. She was an older woman with a long history with the Alliance.
"Calm down kid, you got a long career ahead of you. Don't do anything stupid." Kara said wagging her finger gently at him.
"Thank you Commander." Chakwas' said with kindness.
"How do you handle this Commander? I watched all the vid's about your mission on Elysium. You're a Hero!" Jenkins said with a smile.
Kara returned the smile...but inside she felt a pain from the memory. She learned to fake her smiles very well. And hide her pain.
"I have to go...The Captain is expecting me." Kara said moving back and around them.
"She's my Hero." she heard Jenkins say.
Kara sighed entering the Comm room, seeing Nihlus.
"Commander Shepard, Just the person I wanted to talk to." Nihlus said crossing his arms.
"Talk?" Kara questioned tightening her high pony tail.
"What do you know of Eden Prime?" He asked.
"I hear it's a paradise...I have never been there." Kara replied.
"It is humanities greatest colonial achievement. But...Just how safe are you out there in the Terminus system?" He said.
"Is this going somewhere?" Kara asked crossing her own arms.
"I hope not." Anderson said as he entered the room.
"I believe it is time to fill in the Commander." Nihlus said looking at the man who just entered.
Captain David Edward Anderson was a African American man, Anderson is one of the Alliance's most decorated special forces operatives, and the first to graduate from the N7 marine program.
He is Kara's influence...the man she looked to for guidance.
"Oh, please do." Kara said looking at the older man.
"This isn't a normal shake down run. I am here to evaluate your performance. I requested to put your name up for the Spectre candidacy." Nihlus said with a smile.
"You...put forward? Captain?" Kara questioned looking from the Turian to Anderson.
"This will be good for the Alliance, Shepard. Besides...I know you. You would make a fantastic Spectre." Anderson said.
Kara smiled. Anderson was the closest thing she had to a father.
"I kinda wondered, since every time I turned around I ran into him." Kara said
Anderson was going to say something before he was cut off by Joker over the comm's.
"Captain...we have an incoming feed from Eden Prime!"
"Put it through Joker." Anderson said as the three of them turned to a large Holo-Screen
The footage showed Alliance soldiers fighting on the surface, under heavy fire and requesting reinforcements. As Shepard, Anderson and Nihlus watch, they see a huge dreadnought hanging over the surface.
"Get down!" the woman screamed pushing the guy down.
The feed cut out.
"My God." Kara said in shock.
"Joker, roll back the vid to 35.8 seconds." Anderson said moving closer to the screen.
The feed rolled back, showing a large blur in the sky.
"What is that?" Anderson asked.
"A ship." Kara said squinting at the screen.
"We need to get down there!" Nihlus said roughly walking out of the Comm room.
"Shepard, Get Alenko and Jenkins ready! Your going down there!" Anderson said.
Kara shook her head in agreeance running out of the Comm room.
I love Mass Effect, that I started writing my own version of the first game.
I hope you all enjoy.

Mass Effect - Bioware.
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